Saturday, 15 June 2013

Girls Stomach Butterfly Tattoos

Girls Stomach Butterfly Tattoos women think it is a great idea to get a cute little butterfly tattooed somewhere on their stomach more than likely the pelvic area. But what these young women don’t realize is if they were to get pregnant one day their tattoo will never look the same again.
This is why you need to think things through before you get a tattoo. While the pelvic area on a woman is a very sexy place for a tattoo it’s probably not the best place.
Several women have shared their experiences with their stomach tattoos and most of them did not turn out to well. They all admit that while they were pregnant the tattoo looked just fine because it stretched and grew with their stomach. However, after the baby is born the tattoo tends to never be the same. Some women report theirs being a little distorted, while several others experienced stretch marks going through their tattoo. In case the stretch marks happen you maybe be able to have your tattoo artist touch up the areas. But once the tattoo is distorted there probably isn’t any going back from there.
To help prevent your tattoo from looking too awful, some women suggest making sure you moisturized your tattoo while your are pregnant and after the baby has been born rubbing vitamin E on it. The one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that every woman’s body reacts differently to pregnancy. So some women may not have any problems with their tattoo while others do. Your best bet is to skip the whole stomach tattoo until after you are done having your children, that way you will not have to deal with it.

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